Amy is, hands down, one of the best strategic partners I’ve worked with. She sets a vision, and creates a path to get there. She brings structure to chaos. And her work delivers results.
— Steve Koonin, CEO Atlanta Hawks, former President of Turner Entertainment Networks

Amy brings decades of rich in-house corporate experience and problem-solving approaches to our MBA students, which is invaluable in preparing them for situations they will face in their careers.
— Lynne Segall, Associate Dean, Goizueta IMPACT, Goizueta Business School

Case Studies

TNT Originals


TNT, then a $3 billion cable network owned by Time Warner,  needed to design and execute a 5-year strategic growth plan that addressed risks and opportunities at a time of massive industry disruption and transformational competition.


In partnership with the Executive Team and other stakeholder groups, we identified and prioritized the most impactful risk and growth scenarios and built a 5-year pipeline of growth ideas with robust executive sponsor support.

We successfully made the investment case for the creation of TNT Originals, which was a central pillar of this work.


We won a +10% incremental investment to fund TNT Originals content, beginning with The Closer, a drama series starring Kyra Sedgwick that won Emmy and Golden Globe awards. 

TNT Originals now account for  20% of product mix and are on a growth trajectory to reach 50% by 2020.

TNT’s revenue grew by double digits over five years, driven almost entirely by original content.


TCM’s New Product Pipeline


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a leader in the preservation and curation of classic films and a lifestyle brand for film lovers that needed to profitably extend the brand into new categories to meet consumer passion for new classic film experiences.


We designed a custom approach and guided a 30-member team from conceptualization to launch with a tailored multi-phased approach that included project vision, establishing success criteria, new business ideation, consumer insights, prototyping, testing and procurement of investment.

A hallmark of our strategy was prioritizing and vetting a portfolio of 175 initial ideas to 10 viable business launches.


The 10 viable business launches included a TCM Classic Film Festival, Bonham’s Auction, Fathom Screenings, Classic Film Cruise and Grey Line Film Tour.

They generated $10 million in incremental revenue over the first three years, and continue to outperform initial expectations.

The new businesses expanded operating margin and created new revenue in fresh categories and markets, while also deepening brand loyalty and attracting new customers.


AVLF: Five-Year Strategic Plan


AVLF was a $1 million Atlanta non-profit dedicated to creating safe and stable homes and families by inspiring attorneys to fight for equal justice.

The organization needed a 5-year strategic plan and roadmap to clarify their vision and strategy, intensify fundraising efforts and deepen commitments from a large group of stakeholders and a Board of Directors.


We designed and led a 6-month strategic planning process that included guided interviews with 100+ stakeholders that revealed critical focal issues and gaps.

We worked with the Board of Directors to make strategic choices, concluding in a 50-person workshop including the board, staff and senior leadership to build consensus around a 5-Year Strategic Roadmap.


In the three years since this work was completed, AVLF has tripled their funding, doubled their staff and attracted new partners and funding sources.  AVLF was recently featured in

Marketing and Brand Strategy for Berry College


Berry College is a private college founded in 1902 by Martha Berry, who wanted to provide educational opportunities that would open a path out of poverty for local children. 

In 2017, Berry leadership wanted to strategically refresh and refine Berry’s brand and build a first-ever marketing function inside an established institution.


Springboard guided Berry leadership through a 6-month strategic plan for branding, marketing and communications.

We designed a marketing roadmap that would amplify brand positioning and take maximum advantage of shifts in marketing mix and investment.

We developed a custom Board of Directors communication plan and speeches for the Chief Marketing Officer to gain leadership buy-in and approval of the new plan, and recommended research and brand agencies to design and advance the new brand positioning.


Berry leadership committed to two rounds of funding for the brand research and agency design work.

The newly established marketing function is shifting resources and capabilities to target Generation Z with digital and social strategies.

Public Health: Innovation to Action


The Georgia Health Policy Center integrates research, policy and programs to advance health and well-being.

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health, GHPC embarked on a multi-year project to invest in and incubate financial innovations that will sustainably support healthier lives in underserved US communities.

The organizations needed an agile innovation process to get seven remote teams quickly trained and embracing an innovative mindset as they moved swiftly toward action.


Springboard designed a custom “innovation to action” process and curriculum with five modules that gave the participating communities workbooks, toolkits, workshops and other materials that helped them create prototypes of financial innovation strategies that are undergoing stress testing and will be implemented in the coming months.

A critical element that led the teams to action was a 2-day “hack-a-thon” with seven teams pitching rough prototypes to each other for feedback, and building action plans for stress testing with stakeholders in their local communities.  


All seven sites delivered prototypes of their financial innovation strategies, and are moving into rigorous stress testing in preparation for implementation. RWJF committed additional catalyst funding to accelerate this work.

Amy helped us think about our business in a new way. Her structure and processes helped us formalize direction and bring clarity to our objectives. Her thought leadership on marketing, branding, and advertising challenged us to elevate our approach.
— Ryan Farinella, Operations, Blue Sky Agency